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Internet Radio Station: NPR Hourly News

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National Public Radio Hourly News

While other news organizations downsized over the past several years, NPR News added reporters, correspondents, and offices worldwide, and now gathers and produces content from some 36 locations around the world.

Audiences hear the results of NPR's dynamic expansion when correspondents stationed across the nation and around the world are able to bring them growing numbers of voices and unique perspectives from people around the world. In letters, e-mail, and focus groups around the country, listeners applaud the power of this programming, consistently describing NPR as "essential," "vital," and "indispensable."

Listeners prove their support for NPR programs and NPR stations by tuning-in in rising numbers. Today more than 29 million people listen to public radio stations every week, up from about 2 million in the early 1980s. This upward listener trend in the last two decades is in large part attributable to the astounding growth of NPR News, a national service anchored by hourly newscasts and two signature, award-winning newsmagazines Morning Edition and All Things Considered. These programs are currently the second and third most listened-to radio programs in America. NPR News saw significant audience growth and retention after each major news event from the 1991 Gulf War to the Sept. 11 attacks to recent events in Iraq.

Keeping pace with listener demand, NPR News has expanded its domestic and foreign news operations. In November 2002, NPR launched NPR West, a major new production studio located in Los Angeles, further diversifying and enhancing its reporting by establishing a critical mass of editorial staff on both coasts. This state-of-the-art newsgathering and production facility captures news, trends, and ideas from California to Colorado, and Seattle to Santa Fe. NPR West is fast becoming a resource that strengthens NPR's coverage by reflecting the ethnic diversity, cultural dynamism, and vibrancy of the American

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Internet Radio Station: NPR Hourly News

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