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Mobile Radio Show Links

RadioShowLinks also works on your cell phone!

Try a sample by directing your device to

Currently Supported Devices include:
  • SmartPhone Cell Phones

     -  including the Audiovox 5600, Samsung i600 and the Motorola MPx220
  • Pocket PCs

     -  - both most existing models and new models including the HP iPaq (hp 4350/4355, h4150/4155, h1935, h5555, h1945/1940 ...), Dell (Axim X3, X3i, X5), Toshiba (e350, e355, e400, e750, e755, e800, ...), Viewsonic (V35, V36, V37, ...) and others - note that we recommend Windows Mobile 2003, though it is not required
  • Pocket PC Cell Phones

     -  including the Hitachi G1000, Samsung i700, T-Mobile pocket pc phone, the Siemens SX56, TDS Recon, HHP Dolphin 9500/9550, and more
  • Many Cell Phones

     -  that support internet radio* such as the Nokia 3650, 3660, 7650, 9210, and more
  • and more devices appearing constantly! Need we say more about the future of mobile wireless connectivity?

You will need to connect your device to the internet. For your Pocket PC this can be a direct connection to the internet,


, or a wireless data service. For your cell phone this requires a wireless data service.

Wireless data services

are available from all major cell phone providers, including:

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