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Internet Radio Station: Radio Netherlands - Latest News

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Radio Netherlands is a multimedia organization. We share issues being discussed in Holland with the rest of the world, in Dutch and several foreign languages. We also cover regional developments in areas of the world without free media. For some consumers, instant live pictures from events on the other side of the globe have blurred political boundaries. But the issues being discussed are stronger than ever.

As the new millennium further unfolds, Radio Netherlands focuses on providing relevant programming. We have to understand the widely differing information needs of our audience. So we continually examine the media landscape of our targets, looking for ways to complement what is already there. Then we design the best balance of radio, television and Internet programming to be effective.

Education is an important part of our mission. The Radio Netherlands Training Centre organises courses and projects for journalists and media professionals, primarily in developing countries.

We live in a Dangerous World
Now that we're into a new century, the biased propaganda of the Second World War from 1939-45 may seem like a very long time ago. Yet the need for balanced and considered reporting has never been greater. The 20th century was scarred by organised group violence on an extraordinary scale. Around 250 significant armed conflicts have been waged: more than 110 million people died. Social violence is four times more likely to occur than when Radio Netherlands first started broadcasting in 1947. Our reporters have witnessed genocide via horrific calls from hate-radio operations in East Africa and one-sided war coverage in former Yugoslavia. And even more recently, the attack on the World Trade Centre in New York in 2001. These are just some examples that will have repercussions for many years to come. The only proven counter-measure is independent, balanced reporting.

Bringing People Together
Radio Netherlands means different things to different people.


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Internet Radio Station: Radio Netherlands - Latest News

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