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Internet Radio Show: The More Me Show


Tune in Early (Live Today at 6:00AM)

Streaming From:  Progressive Blend Radio - Washington, DC

Every Sunday, a clandestine group of Washington insiders meets in the Undisclosed Basement Studios of Progressive Blend Radio to bellow, bluster, bloviate and take a generally scathing look at the machinations of the Bush regime. Sporting noms de guerre to protect their precious little beltway jobs, DJ Downtown and Eddie Heuradura bring some not-insignificant knowledge and experience to the tasks of critical policy analysis and partisan political ranting. And to keep it all fair and balanced, they have a real, live neo-con friend, Druu-of-Nine, who stops by every couple of weeks to serve up the kool-aid! Featuring special guests, interviews, listener call-ins, and great music.


Current Affairs, Talk, and Comedy genres




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