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Internet Radio Show: World Cafe

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World Cafe is a radio show streamed on internet radio and has a broad range of innovative sounds drawn from contemporary American as well as international music. Host David Dye presents music and live interviews from the World Care studios in Philadelphia.


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Internet Radio Show: World Cafe

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Beck-trospective: From 'Loser' to Colors
According to Beck, listening to his new album Colors may feel like "Jogging in a glass box while there is a blizzard outside and you are wearing a form fitting body suit." Unpredictable and a little wacky? Yep, but that's Beck. Ever since his 1993 song "Loser" brought rap, sitar, slide guitar and a little Spanish together in what became an unexpected hit, Beck has continued to surprise his fans. We'll talk about what many fans are finding surprising on Colors – including its bright, shiny pop accessibility. Plus, we'll dig back into some of the early experiences that shaped Beck's approach – including how the helicopters and hecklers of the East LA childhood worked their way into 2005's Guero.
From Old Crow to Folkin' Solo: Willie Watson
First as a founding member of Old Crow Medicine Show and now in his own solo career, Willie Watson brings folk-based roots music alive for new listeners in the 21st century. He makes songs like "John Henry" or "Gallows Pole" — that have been played so often by so many, they seem to have no more tread – stick to the road and carry him somewhere new. Watson recently released his second solo disc called Folk Singer, Volume 2. The eleven-song collection was produced by friend and fellow Nashville resident David Rawlings. Willie Watson plays live and talks with the Cafe's Ann Powers about the early days of Old Crow Medicine Show, how he makes cover songs personal and what he loves so much about working with Rawlings.
Swimming in Water Metaphors on The Wave
Nashville-based Los Colognes took their time recording their latest album, their third, called The Wave. While the record isn't a concept disc, water comes up again and again. The band talks to the Cafe's David Dye about writing the new material and about moving as an entire group from Chicago to Nashville almost 8 years ago. The switch from the Windy City to Music City helped them find a solid creative community. Hear that and more, including two live songs!

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