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Internet Radio Show: World Cafe

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World Cafe is a radio show streamed on internet radio and has a broad range of innovative sounds drawn from contemporary American as well as international music. Host David Dye presents music and live interviews from the World Care studios in Philadelphia.


Adult Contemporary genre



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Internet Radio Show: World Cafe

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Hiss Golden Messenger, A David Dye Fave
Hoping to nail down the "rush" he feels in making and listening to music, songwriter M.C. Taylor crafted an album in 2014 that was simply infectious, Lateness of Dancers. He drew from his experience recording music in the rural communities of North Carolina – songs like "Southern Grammar" reimagined that sound in a funky, saxy way. From our archives, this is one of host David Dye's favorite artists of all time with his 2014 breakthrough.
Ireland's Bell X1
Brimming with charm, heart and warm synths, Arms marks Bell X1's seventh studio album in nearly 2 decades. But all that experience, along with being one of Ireland's most popular bands, didn't make the process any easier. In this session lead singer Paul Noonan explains why Arms was so hard to make, what it's like to be a rock star and a dad, and what Bell X1 means when they call the album "shonky".
Graham Nash Chases the Harmonies To CSN (&Y)
From his days growing up in Manchester, England and forming The Hollies to the life changing moment he first harmonized with Stephen Stills and David Crosby, Graham Nash takes us through his life as written about in Wild Tales his memoir. It's an extraordinary journey.

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