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Internet Radio Show: World Cafe

Tune in Early (Live on 2/18/18 at 12:00PM)

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World Cafe is a radio show streamed on internet radio and has a broad range of innovative sounds drawn from contemporary American as well as international music. Host David Dye presents music and live interviews from the World Care studios in Philadelphia.


Adult Contemporary genre



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Internet Radio Show: World Cafe

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Lana Del Rey: Fame, Feminism & Getting Free
From her collaborations with Stevie Nicks and the Weeknd on her latest album Lust for Life, to the advice she's gotten about fame from Eddie Vedder and Courtney Love, Lana Del Rey reflects on where she's at now. That includes her discomfort around singing the lyrics "he hit me and it felt like a kiss" from 2014's Ultraviolence and her thoughts on the #MeToo movement. Lana also reminisces about growing up in Lake Placid, New York and cops to being a tree-lover. Who knew?
From Gospel to Personal: Blind Boys of Alabama
For over 70 years, Blind Boys of Alabama have put their stamp on gospel standards. But their latest album Almost Home is filled with songs that tell the personal tales of the two original surviving members Jimmy Carter and Clarence Fountain - stories about being sent to a school for the blind when they were kids, touring the segregated South in the 40s, and the unwavering faith that got them through. Jimmy and Clarence's stories were adapted into new music by songwriters including John Leventhal, Marc Cohn, Valerie June and Steve Berlin of Los Lobos. Hear an interview with Jimmy, and a live performance by Blind Boys of Alabama.
Sex, Race and Rock 'N' Roll: Good Booty
In her book Good Booty: Love and Sex, Black and White, Body and Soul in American Music, Ann Powers explores how music has both reflected and shaped America's relationship with sexuality, and how race figures into the equation. Powers shares stories with host Talia Schlanger about the women who often didn't receive the credit they deserved – from the girl groups of the 60s like the Shirelles to one of the most recognizable but perhaps undervalued voices of the 70s, disco hitmaker Donna Summer. Plus more insight into the work of stars you know – including why Little Richard re-wrote the lyrics to his song "Tutti Frutti" and how Elvis learned to rock by way of gospel performers in Memphis. Dip your toes into a history of music you won't easily forget.

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