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Internet Radio Show: Morning Edition

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Bob Edwards hosted this popular NPR news magazine show for over twenty years before leaving in May 2004. The timely reports and interviews on current events, arts, and sports continue with the familiar voices of Steve Inskeep, Renée Montagne, Susan Stamberg, Madeleine Brand, Juan Williams, Frank Deford, Baxter Black, Cokie Roberts, Jean Cochran, Carl Kasell, and Alex Chadwick (leading NPR's Radio Expeditions series in partnership with the National Geographic Society). Thirteen million public radio listeners start their day with Morning Edition!


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Internet Radio Show: Morning Edition

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Some Hope Wildfires Will Change Australia's Relationship With Coal
Widespread bushfires are creating new calls to end the country's dependence on fossil fuels. But fossil fuel extraction is big business for Australia, the world's largest coal exporter.
As An Impeachment Juror, Sen. Braun Says He's Listening For New Details
NPR's Noel King talks to GOP Sen. Mike Braun of Indiana about the impeachment trial of President Trump. Opening statements got started Wednesday. NPR's Ayesha Rascoe weighs in.
During Impeachment Trial, Some Senators Enjoy A Glass Of Milk
It's a tradition for long days in the Senate that goes back to 1966. It was during a debate on labor law, that then Sen. Everett Dirksen said he needed something more nourishing than water.
New York Teenager Wants The Super Bowl Moved To Saturday
Frankie Ruggeri started a petition to move future Super Bowls to Saturday. He says more people would watch if it's not played on a school night. He's gotten more than 13,000 signatures.
At Michigan High School The Day Starts At 3 p.m. And Ends At 8 p.m.
As most students at the school are leaving, a second wave trickles in. They're part of a public school experiment: evening classes. The flex students are on the same track as their daytime peers.
Lev Parnas' Strategy Mirrors That Of Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen
Someone facing federal charges usually keeps a low profile. Lev Parnas, an indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani, takes a different approach with a series of headline-grabbing cable news appearances.

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