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Internet Radio Show: Morning Edition

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Bob Edwards hosted this popular NPR news magazine show for over twenty years before leaving in May 2004. The timely reports and interviews on current events, arts, and sports continue with the familiar voices of Steve Inskeep, Renée Montagne, Susan Stamberg, Madeleine Brand, Juan Williams, Frank Deford, Baxter Black, Cokie Roberts, Jean Cochran, Carl Kasell, and Alex Chadwick (leading NPR's Radio Expeditions series in partnership with the National Geographic Society). Thirteen million public radio listeners start their day with Morning Edition!


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Internet Radio Show: Morning Edition

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Despite Obstacles, 1 Yazidi Woman Is Determined To Change Her Life
In Iraq, it's not easy trying to navigate life as a young woman — particularly when your culture doesn't give girls many choices. Add war and poverty on top of that and it's even harder.
Florida Student Calls For Stricter Gun Laws, Writes Op-Ed
Christine Yared, 15, a freshman at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School over the weekend wrote a an opinion piece for The New York Times: "Don't Let My Classmates' Deaths Be In Vain."
Florida High School Students Demand Assault Weapons Ban
Dozens of students who survived last week's deadly school shooting in Parkland, Fla., plan to travel to their state capital on Tuesday to march and demand legislators enact a ban on assault weapons.
Distracted Employees Ram Into Glass Doors At Apple's New Campus
Workers are moving into a new circular building with a lot of glass doors. Some employees who walk while looking down at their phones have been ramming into the doors, according to reports.
Man In Mumbai Sets Record For Drinking A Bottle Of Ketchup
Dinesh Shivnath consumed an entire bottle of ketchup in just over 75 seconds, and coughed uncontrollably when he was done. In an earlier challenge, he ate 73 grapes in a minute.
Speedskating Primer: Long Track Vs. Short Track
When it comes to speedskating, South Koreans love short track. The Dutch are masters of long track. Two previous Olympic medalists talk about the thrill and pain of speedskating.

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