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Internet Radio Show: John Gibson Radio

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What’s your show going to sound like? I can’t stand shows where everyone agrees. That won’t be happening here. Can’t stand to be bored. Don’t mind being obsessed, but can’t stand shows that beat topics to death without a good reason, like new information or a new player. That won’t happen here. Can’t stand shows that focus on the same myopic themes. Boring. If there’s a big story (war, politics, culture, immigration, religion — things that people care about), I’ll be all over it. I’ll get some of these people on the air and I can promise you I won’t hold back.

Are you conservative or liberal? I think I’m conservative, and evidently most liberals agree. They scream bloody murder at me for many of the things I say (“Karl Rove Deserves A Medal” really jacked them up), but at the same time some self-proclaimed conservatives are occasionally hollering at me that I’m a raging liberal. These are the little mysteries of life. All I know is that I once was liberal, so I know what it is, and that I decided I wasn’t one when I saw people like Jimmy Carter and Jerry Brown say they were liberals. Well, I knew I wasn’t that, so I must be something else.


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Internet Radio Show: John Gibson Radio

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