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Internet Radio Show: Car Talk

Car Talk is a radio show on internet radio. Tom and Ray Magliozzi answer listener questions about car problems. Tune in for information or for a laugh - both are offered!


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Internet Radio Show: Car Talk

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That Faulty Air Bag Light Requires a Scan

Don't ignore or tape over this one, even if you have a helmet handy.

Is This Caddy Desirable or a Dud?

The value of this inheritance may be dubious. 


Nosey Device or Noisy Relay?
That "tracking device" sound is probably just a noisy blend door.
To Idle, or Not to Idle? That Is the Question This Week

Should you let your car sit and idle to warm up? We take a look at a hot issue. And Frank, the neighbor.

Here's Our Handy Shock Bounce Test Instructions

The "bounce test" is a great combination of cardio workout and shock absorber diagnostic.

Is Mechanic's Throttle Body Recommendation Legit?

Gary's dealer wants to service the throttle bodies on both of his Toyotas. Is it legit or b-o-o-o-o-gus?


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