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Internet Radio Show: Car Talk

Tune in Early (Live on 7/29/17 at 6:00AM)

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Car Talk is a radio show on internet radio. Tom and Ray Magliozzi answer listener questions about car problems. Tune in for information or for a laugh - both are offered!


Comedy, Science, and Other genres



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Internet Radio Show: Car Talk

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A Car Living a Leisurely Life Hits a Rough Patch

The rough idle in a rarely driven car could have a few causes. Ray sorts out the potential culprits and solutions.

Which Pieces of Automotive History Would You Teach?

Russ needs to build a syllabus for an automotive history class. Ray gives him a short course on the topic.

When It Comes to Tire Pressure, Too High Is Better Than Too Low

Temperature changes are causing tire pressure warnings in Gary's Tacoma. How should he adjust it, keeping safety in mind?

Car Has Electrical Gremlins after Steering Pump Repair
The car's start-up problem might be coincidence or a loose connection--but how did that happen?
How to Evaluate a Used Car

Spending a little money up front might make that first car purchase a good one.

The Real Deal regarding Synthetic Oil Change Intervals

Suzanne hears a bunch of different answers when it comes synthetic oil change intervals. What's the wise choice?


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